We work hard to make the game positive and interesting for all the users of our site.

For most players, the game is a way to entertain and have fun, but you cannot deny the existence of the following phenomena:

1.  Sometimes minor persons try to access the game.

2. Some people become addicted to gambling that causes a negative effect on their lives.


Psychologists say that about 5 percent of population have various addictions. Among them, there are gamblers (compulsive gambling).

Most gamblers visit casino less than ten times a year and can fully control their game, however, the percent of enthusiastic players, according to the researches, is about 5-10.


Every minor user who has provided false information about his or her age will be deprived of winning and will be prosecuted.

What is the procedure?

When registering, the player must select a check box confirming that he/she is at least 18 years old.

In this way, we notify users that persons under 18 are not allowed to participate in the game.

When registering, the player must provide their first and last name, address and the date of birth to confirm their age.

Our casino is aimed exclusively at adults. Involvement of minors in the game is not of economic benefit, moreover, such actions are contrary to the principles of our casino.


Gambling addiction is an emotional disease, a serious aberration, which can be diagnosed and treated.

Usually, the addict goes through three stages — firstly they win (1-3 years), then they lose everything, take on a loan to win back, and blow the savings.

At the third stage, 90% of the players break the law in order to finance their passion.

Of course, you cannot treat an obsessed player as an immoral person or a fool who doesn't want to stop — we deal with the poor sick, who cannot control the gambling behavior.


As experience has shown, the ban on gambling only contributes to the problem.

That is why responsible gaming gains traction in the world of gambling.

Particular emphasis is put on informing people about the risks connected to gambling – support groups and special organizations for players are being created.

Most of these organizations support legal gambling and try to direct their actions at providing the players with joy from the games.


If you play online, these recommendations will help you protect yourself from addiction and will reduce the risk of problems related to the game:

- play for entertainment and do not try to turn the game into a main source of income.

- stake the sums that you can afford to lose. Never gamble for the money you need for vital things such as food, paying bills and renting a home. 

- set a deposit limit to protect yourself from losing money that you mustn't lose.

- do not try to win back. If you lost, do not try to compensate the losses by raising the stakes.

- if you are tired, upset or depressed, it is better not to play. We suggest you taking a break from the game to avoid heavy spending.

- alternate the game with other activities. Do not forget about other entertainments, otherwise, the game may become a too large part of your life.


And do not forget, the success is a tricky business — today you lost, but tomorrow luck will be on your side again.

Goxbet and all our employees support the idea of responsible gaming. You can always contact the online chat for help, and we will give you a consultation.

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