This Privacy Policy explains what kind of players' personal data is required by GoXbet online casino to provide a full range of services, how and for what purposes such data is collected and used, and explains the rights and obligations of the player and the project in this matter.

What personal data does GoXbet collect?

Personal data is any information about a user which can be used for his identification:

  1. mobile number / e-mail;
  2. first name / last name;
  3. date of birth;
  4. country of residence;
  5. transactions history;
  6. login and related actions;
  7. documents requested for verification;
  8. payment details, etc.

Personal data is collected and processed by GoXbet casino (if necessary, also by the project partners) in order to provide the player with a full range of services. Personal information is collected when users register and fill out information fields in order to create a personal player profile on GoXbet website.

By using any of the services provided by GoXbet, the player confirms his acknowledgment and full agreement with the terms of the present Privacy Policy.

What are the purposes of collecting personal data?

GoXbet collects users' personal data for the following purposes:

  • to create a personal game account for the player and provide him with the opportunity to fully use all the functional capabilities including those of making bets and gameplay;
  • to provide high-quality feedback, that meaning a quick response of the support service to any user requests;
  • to ensure compliance with the rules related to the use of project services (proof of age, verification, etc.);
  • to notify the player about current offers that may be of interest to him;
  • to provide any of GoXbet casino services at the user's request.

Purposes of using personal data

The purposes of using personal data in GoXbet casino are as follows:

  • to create and manage the user's gaming account, process and conduct transactions;
  • to prepare marketing materials and perform advertising campaigns;
  • to provide the user with any requested service;
  • to check the relevance and authenticity of the information provided by the player (including age verification, other verifications, etc.);
  • to provide security of the player's personal profile and its all content;
  • to generate statistics concerning the use of project services by the player;
  • to notify users about important changes in the provision of services by the project, technical works, changes in the Rules, etc.;
  • to prevent any attempt at fraud, money laundering or other unauthorized actions;
  • to fulfill any other purposes necessary for the full implementation of GoXbet's obligations to the player.

Obligations and rights of the player and the project in relation to personal data

While collecting, processing and using the player's personal data, GoXbet undertakes to comply with strict legal regulations, as well as to take all possible precautions to ensure the data security. It also undertakes to protect the user's personal information and respect the confidentiality of personal data.

With that, GoXbet undertakes not to send advertising and commercial information to players (including information of the third parties) without prior request. Also GoXbet reserves the right to make changes to the existing Privacy Policy without prior notification of the users.

The player undertakes to ensure the relevance and reliability of the personal data provided to the project and make changes in a timely manner, as well as check changes to the Privacy Policy on his own.
If the player has any questions regarding the provisions of this Privacy Policy, he can address them to GoXbet support specialists in online chat on the website / or by email to [email protected].

Cookie Policy

GoXbet uses cookies to maximize the quality of the services provided to the player and ensure the highest reliability and performance of the site. These files are created by the site when you visit it and are stored on your device.

Cookies are designed to make it easier to surf the web due to the stored information about the user's views, making it possible to select the most relevant content for a specific player. 
Also providing such possibility for GoXbet to select the most interesting offers for the player based on his user experience. GoXbet does not recommend that users change their cookie settings in order to avoid deteriorating user experience and resource performance.

However, if he wants so, the player has the right to block all cookies in his browser's parameter settings. Please note that this may lead to the deletion of all saved settings and incorrect use of the project services.
By using any of GoXbet services, the player agrees with this Cookie Policy, as well as with the creation of these files every time he visits the project website from any device.

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