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In the minds of a huge number of people the word roulette is associated with the very concept of the casino. It is roulette in literature and movies is often proudly called the "queen of gambling". And today it's safe to say that this definition is well deserved.

After all, it is table roulette in the casino for centuries has caused almost instantaneous transformation of an ordinary visitor to the owner of fabulous condition. Or vice versa - turns a wealthy man into a beggar. It all depends on Fortune's goodwill.

Against the background of the amazing popularity of this game of chance is surprised by the fact that online roulette - a virtual variation of the famous entertainment, appeared not so long ago.

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We are all used to the fact that in online casinos we are greeted with game simulators, such as slot machines casino Goxbet, no one is surprised by the presence of different versions of video poker and other emulators of table games for money. They are all offered by the world's best software developers in the widest range.

Moreover, the successful online incarnation of the "queen" gambling industry, as in the case of online card gambling games such as Blackjack, even today can be counted on one hand. So fans of virtual gambling, who want to play roulette, without leaving home, often face serious difficulties in choosing. If you are interested in online roulette - this article is especially for you.

The main types of roulette

It seems strange to many people that gambling roulette has several basic varieties. However, this is really the case. Different versions of the game differ in certain key parameters and features of the gameplay. For example, European and American roulette differ in the number of sectors, also there are French roulette, New Orleans roulette (a variation of American roulette) and many others.

Depending on the number of sectors, game roulette is divided into three main varieties:

  • non-zero;
  • with one zero (sector zero) - European roulette (European Roulette);
  • with two zeros (double zero) - American Roulette.

It may seem paradoxical, but the addition of one or two sectors fundamentally changes the game process. That parameter is the deciding factor when players choose the appropriate tactics. The possibility of big winnings also depends on it, as roulette is included in the list of jackpot games in casinos around the world.

For example, the classic strategy of doubling your bet when you lose is only relevant for the popular roulette without zeros, in all other forms of the game its use is highly ineffective. And now add to these varieties of roulette different ways to make bets - and you get a large number of types of the same game.

Features of the game online roulette

Roulette online for rubles, hryvnia or dollars is almost identical to its classic, real implementation in land-based casinos. At first glance, the gameplay is extremely simple. All that is required of the player - just make a bet, after which a virtual dealer starts the rotation of the wheel.

However, there is an important nuance that everyone should be aware of who is not familiar with the theory of probability. Gambling games such as roulette is, in fact, a chain of events, not related to each other. As the simplest example, you can take such a variation as roulette without zeros.

The game is played according to the "red - black" strategy. The participant should choose a favorite color, and bet only on it. The chance of falling out with one of these colors, which is quite natural, at the beginning of the game is 1/2.

The chance that black will also fall out in the next round is also 1/2 - because, as stated above, the events do not depend on each other. You should keep this in mind when developing your own strategies.

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Another important point is that money roulette bets should be placed correctly. The most popular are edge bets - on the color (as mentioned above), even or odd numbers, or on a certain number. Bets of the first type significantly increase the chances of winning, but have a low coefficient of accrual of winnings. Betting on a particular number can bring maximum profit, but also to guess the right number is quite difficult.

It is also possible to bet on certain combinations of numbers, on the money roulette field lines, on groups of two or four digits. Identical features are in a lot of online roulette implementations, which are presented in this section of our portal. The presence of unique options and features is another reason why you should take a closer look at the presented set of games more.

Play Roulette on Android and iOS - Play Everywhere!

In the current section we offer our visitors a unique no deposit bonus, which can be spent on any game at your discretion. In addition, as you may have noticed - our portal supports the version for mobile devices. A large number of different roulette games for mobile and not only are included in the list of games from TomHorn.

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This means that in all presented varieties of roulette you can easily play for money, as from a cell phone, and from a tablet or any other gadget. The main condition is to have an Internet connection. This is a great solution for those who spend a lot of time on the road - after all, it is much more interesting to pass the traffic jam in the company of mobile entertainment than just admiring the bumper of the car standing in front of you.

Our online casino offers: play roulette online for free or for real money

Our online casino offers users both demo versions of the game, as well as full versions of American Roulette and its other varieties. In the first case you can for free and without registration pleasantly spend time with any implementation of virtual roulette you liked, for example European roulette online from the same TomHorn.

In the second - you get full functionality with a real betting and withdrawal of money if you win. You can also receive bonuses from the casino when you deposit.

Playing for real money is quite different from playing in the sandbox. That goes for the possibility of winning, as well as the thrill of the game. Only the best online roulette will allow you to fully experience the atmosphere of real excitement and risk.

At our online casino you can bet in one of several presented currencies. This hryvnia, rubles and dollars. We also offer you to choose the most convenient way to deposit money to your account since we support operations with bank cards, the most common e-money (WebMoney, PayPal, Yandex.Money), as well as making money through regular Qiwi terminals.

Sign up, deposit, get bonuses and dive into a fabulous world of gambling and risk, which reigns supreme online roulette, with our online casino.

Roulette FAQ

Roulette gambling - what is it?

Roulette is a game of chance with a royal title and a long history. It is a real or virtual wheel divided into red and black sectors on which bets are placed, with a ball running on it. The number of sectors and numbers may vary depending on the type of roulette game. After the ball stops, the players who guessed the winning sector win.

What kinds of roulette in casinos?

The most popular among casino players are the following types of roulette - American, French and European. They differ in the number of sectors, as well as the presence of one or more additional rules. However, today there are new, more original variants with several balls, drums, etc. (wheel of fortune, bonus roulette, roulette with track)

How to bet at roulette?

For roulette bets there is a special marked field on the table. You can bet on roulette numbers from 0 to 36 (sometimes 37 or 38) - they are called inside bets. Outside bets are more diverse - red/black, odd/even, big/small, dozens or columns, etc.

How to play online roulette and win money?

Win real money at roulette you can only playing real bets. To do this you should register at the online casino Goxbet and deposit your account in any convenient way in hryvnias, rubles, dollars or euros. There are many alleged winning strategies (Martingale, etc.), but the effectiveness of any of them has not been proven in practice. Choose based on your own intuition, as it is impossible to predict or calculate the result of the game.

Can I play roulette casino for free?

You can also try your hand at a free game in a virtual gambling club Goxbet. To do this you do not need to register on the site or make a deposit, just choose an interesting model of online roulette and click "Demo". Demo is played for virtual credits, so you absolutely nothing at risk, but to get the winnings in a test mode is impossible.

Which roulette is better: American, European or French?

French Roulette is considered to be the most profitable type of this "entertainment of kings" for the player, because the rule La Partage increases the percentage of payout up to 98.65%. Also, comparing American and European roulette, players often choose the latter, since it has a single zero field. Fans of other types of virtual roulette should opt for versions with the highest RTP.

Who invented the game of roulette?

The name of the creator of roulette is still one of the great mysteries of history. There are several versions about it. According to the most popular, the "father" of the game is Blaise Pascal, who created it while trying to invent the perpetuum mobile (mid 17th century). Also incredibly widespread mystical versions of the origin of the game, according to which the idea of creating the "Ferris wheel" (the sum of the numbers - 666) was sent down by the devil himself.

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