Slots from the provider BrandGames are developed based on the most popular works of our time, namely - on the plot of the cult movies and Marvel comics.

Despite the fact that the market Brand Games slots appeared not so long ago, they have made an innovative breakthrough in the industry, and almost immediately after the release have won an incredible popularity among players.

About BrandGames Provider: History and Features

BrandGames appeared in 1995. The provider was distinguished among other novice gambling brands by its unique, unparalleled in the industry, development strategy.

The brand positions itself not as a game software developer, but as a creator of games for users' communication and a universal means of achieving their goals and solving business tasks of different plan and nature.

BrandGames games and slot machines at Goxbet Casino

And today in the portfolio of BrandGames you will find not only new slots and modern video slots, but also many other innovative developments in the field of gambling:

  • educational products;
  • promotional games;
  • promotional materials;
  • no alternative channels of fantasy sports;
  • recruiting products;
  • non-commercial materials;
  • implemented business strategies and business games.

The headquarters of the game software developer is located in the USA, New York. And among the clients of the brand you will find such famous companies as Pepsi, MetLife, Energizer, etc., which in itself is already a testament to the high quality of the brand products.

Quality advantages of BrandGames slot machines

Despite the fact that the range of gaming machines provider is not so wide, BrandGames slots are developed in maximum detail and quality, taking into account the wishes and interests of the modern audience of players.

That, in turn, simply can not but affect the popularity of BrandGames slot machines. What are the qualitative characteristics that distinguish the gaming software BrandGames:

  • The emphasis on super-modern visual and sound effects, on par with the source movie masterpiece. From the splash screen, to the background image, to the drawing of each symbol and the use of frames from movies and soundtracks, Brand Games surpasses most modern brands in terms of gameplay spectacle;
  • Simple and intuitive control panel, the most functional interface that does not distract the player from the gameplay;
  • Traditional game mechanics - the classic five reels, the formation of combinations on the active lines (left to right), the detailed paytable, freeing the user from the long study of the rules
  • The use of unique themes that do not have repeats and analogues. Each model is dedicated to one of the iconic movies of our time, which evokes a constant response from the audience.

The best slots provider Brand Games

So, you can even draw some parallels with another famous developer of gaming machines - Playtech. He as well as BrandGames focuses on the development of online slots based on popular movies (Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Captain America, etc.). Also, in their gambling games used characters from movies and video games slot providers Microgaming and NetEntertainment, which are also available on our casino site.

Popular Brand Games video slots at Goxbet Casino

Ukrainian online casinos online for money Goxbet offers you to play the most popular slot machines BrandGames online, free or for money. To play in the demo version is not necessary to register on the site - just run the selected model in the browser of your PC, laptop or mobile device.

But to get the most vivid emotions from the gambling gameplay, and the chance to become the owner of a real win, you should previously register your own game profile and deposit your account in Goxbet (which will take only a few minutes of your time).

The virtual gambling club offers everyone to get acquainted with such masterpieces of BrandGames as:

  • John Wick slot - join a colorful killer and risk breaking all the laws of the underworld together with him;

Slot machine John Wick online from Brand Gams

  • Slot machine Captain Marvel - take part in the final battle of the legendary Captain Marvel with supervillain Thanos;
  • Avengers - the famous "Avengers" are waiting for you on the reels of the slot, waiting for the denouement of the epic about saving the world;
  • Machine Shazam - try on the role of an imposing teenage superhero with unusual abilities;
  • Slot machine Hellboy - here you wait monster from hell in a world of nightmares, defeating which, you get a decent reward!

Hellboy slot machine online from BrandGames

Thus, BrandGames slot machines are able to compete with the recognized leaders of the modern market of gambling. The unique concept of development of gambling software, the use of innovative technology and the most popular motifs of our time, make Brand Games slots a great choice for every player.

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